Tuometall Oy




Change of ownership

While the founder of Tuometall Ltd Matti Tuovinen retires during the spring 2015, the ownership of the limited company will be transferred to the new owners. The majority of the company will be obtained by Seppo Sonninen who has gained versatile experience in technology companies serving pulp and paper industry. The other owners are Pasi Putro and Jussi Putro, local entrepreneurs in bioenergy sector, who bring more bioenergy knowhow to the company. The skilled staff of Tuometall continues its successful work under the supervision of Seppo Kainulainen, production manager.

"We are now looking forward to deepening our partnership and cooperation with the customers by providing new product/service packages", says MD Sonninen.

For more information, please call him at +358 50 550 1144.