Tuometall Oy


The baselines for our product design are materials to be moved, handling capacities, operating conditions as well as working safety and ease of maintenance. Our products are based on proven and qualified solutions. Also customers’ special wishes will be tailored from the standard modules to the maximum extent. We use quality components combined with rugged constructions that guarantee the long lasting and reliable products.

Conveyors and material handling systems

Solid fuel and ash handling systems for bioenergy production
  • production, drying and storing of biofuel
  • receiving pockets and silos
  • stoker, screw and chain reclaimers
  • drag chain, belt and chain conveyors
  • bucket elevators
  • screening
  • handling of rejects
  • crushing
  • fuel feeding to boiler
  • ash handling
  • special equipment
Polttoaineen syöttö / Fuel feeding

Process equipment and plants

Hakekuljetin / Chip conveyor

Material handling systems and special machinery for wood processing industry and circular economy

One man's waste is another man's raw material. Industrial symbiosis is an industrial ecosystem where unused or residual resources of one company are used by another. This results in mutual economic, social and environmental benefits. It is a process involving several companies – firms that complement one another provide mutual added value through efficient use of raw materials, technology, services and energy.

Recycling solutions and solids handling systems

Tuometall has extensive experience in storage, silo discharge, dosing and transport of biomass, organic waste and other bulk materials. Our material handling solutions are designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards of performance and availability, for example, in biogas and biochar production.

Solids receiving and storage systems

Push floor discharge systems

Tankopurkain / Push floor reclaimer

Special conveying technology

Overall system concepts