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Keep it simple, not stupid!

Suomen olosuhteet / Finnish conditions

Our engineering operations combine decades of experience with today’s innovations. Our products are the essential parts of customers’ processes, so the basis of design is the reliable operation in continuous 24/7 operation. Rugged but reasonable solutions guarantee excellent runnability of the plants also in a harsh environment. This will add real value to the customer’s investment.

We’d like to support our customers’ capital investments right from the beginning. Our experienced and skilled engineering team is at your service for the process and plant design. We’ll generate functional layout alternatives and submit individual quotations to meet with your particular needs.

Design of special equipment, revision of existing plants and relocation of production machinery are a part of our engineering services. When needed, we can also cooperate with the top experts from special sectors to implement large scope projects.

Suunnittelu / Design



The seamless cooperation between engineering and manufacturing combined with skilled workforce guarantee the right quality and enable the delivery of customer made solutions also at short notice.

Varaosa / Spare part

The company manufactures its key equipment and assembles the products in its own workshop. Equally important is the network of reliable partners.

Tuotanto / Production

Site services


All projects are different, and therefore our site services are tailored case by case. We focus particularly on the quality of work, flexibility, working safety and sustainability. We can take care of disassembly and relocation work as well as the temporary arrangements on site. Recycling of dismantled materials and equipment can be also arranged by us.

Turnkey delivery will bring the desired entity for the customer, erected and started up, with a single contract and at fixed price. Typically the biofuel handling plants are controlled by the customer’s control system, but certainly also the complete automation and electrification can be delivered. Due to our large network of partners we are able to offer one-stop shopping for an array of services, all under one roof.


Teräsrakenteet / Steel constructions

Life cycle care


Tuometall team offers the right combination of smart service elements for each of its customers. The company services, sustains, optimizes and revises both its own conveyors and handling systems as well as other vendors’ products. Own engineering and workshop operations guarantee a flexible and quick spare part service. Our highly skilled personnel make sure that you will be not left alone with your problems.

The best problem solving is to avoid problems. Service contract is the easiest way for the customer to get the plant maintained regularly, improve its runnability and extend its operation life. Our service contract customers will also get the quickest possible service in acute repair needs.

Kolakuljetin / Scraper conveyor

The industry’s focus has moved from the cost minimizing to the improvement of process efficiency and plant productivity. Process optimization aims for the best possible productivity with the existing machinery.

Are you modernizing your process equipment, changing the quality of fuel or looking for cost savings or bigger capacity? Our process analysis will reveal the bottlenecks and development needs of your plant. Based on that report we make the recommendations and a shop list for your decision. Use our versatile process knowhow, experts and innovative problem solving. Together we’ll find a solution to maximize the return on your assets.

By embedding the condition monitoring, intelligence and data logging in the equipment we can offer predictive remote service over the industrial internet. In cooperation with our partners we are developing a possibility to offer support, maintenance, spares and performance optimization for the whole industrial process in such a way that we can agree compensation based on the shared earnings concept. In shared earnings concept the obtained savings and/or increased revenues are split for a pre-determined length of time in accordance with a pre-arranged percentage.

Säästä rahaa / Save Money